Who we are and what do we represent in the Latin Dance Community in Palm Beach County!

06.07.22 12:30 AM By Soul Entertainment - Dance Academy

Who we are and what do we represent in the Latin Dance Community in Lake Worth, FL!

We are expanding and have decided to start in the beautiful town of Lake Worth, Florida. Let me introduce us our name is Soul Entertainment Art. We are passionate about Latin dance that is why we focus on teaching Salsa on 1 A.K.A. LA Style and Bachata were we cover Dominican, Contemporary and Sensual Bachata. Our dancers have made their hobby into a business, which means that they are still having fun while working hard and giving back to the community by giving away free lessons or discounts to different restaurants/clubs where they hold social events as well as learning opportunities to anyone wanting to learn how to dance so they can take advantage of all the benefits learning Latin dancing has to offer!


Our goal is to have a dance studio that provides the community with a healthy lifestyle, by creating an environment that promote family and relationships. Dancing has many benefits such as boosted confidence, increased self-esteem and stress relief. Our classes are taught in a positive manner that encourages students to enjoy themselves while they learn.


There are numerous reasons why you should take up dancing as a hobby. Here are two benefits to consider. First and foremost, dancing, in general, is a great stress-reliever! And you don't have to be a professional dancer to get this benefit. Once you get the hang of it, a good dance can give you peace of mind because it allows you to let go of your worries for awhile. And second, social dancing offers many health benefits. For example, dance can boost your immune system by increasing the amount of endorphins produced in your body. This helps reduce stress and depression while also improving your overall mood.

Learn the benefits of dancing with us for the first time and become a member at our studio. We will be your guide through the journey of learning how to dance, falling in love with it and improving your skills to make it fun for you. Then you can enjoy yourself at social events such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies and any other celebrations where music plays an important role.

Live Life with Passion and join the class today. Call us at 561-698-7489 or Visit our Website at www.SoulEntertainmentArt.com